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Lightspeed Retail POS Review

by SoftCompared

Lightspeed POS is a cloud-based POS software that offers four different services; Lightspeed Retail, Lightspeed Restaurant, Lightspeed OnSite and Lightspeed eCommerce. In this review, we will take a look at their retail and restaurant versions.

Lightspeed POS is used by over 50,000 businesses worldwide. It boasts maneuverable functionality and a diverse range of features. But what does it really have to offer your business?

What Does Lightspeed Retail Offer?

  • Robust Reporting
  • High Levels of Customer Support
  • Integration With Their Ecommerce Platform
  • In-Depth Inventory Management

    Lightspeed Retail Perks

    Inventory Management

    Depending on your particular needs, Lightspeed’s inventory management tools can be very comprehensive. It offers all the features that a normal retail POS system should, and a bit more.

    It also offers you the ability to employ multiple attribute matrices, meaning that customers can order specialized versions of the same product. For example, you can offer the same shirt but in different colors, which can be visually presented to customers on the tablet.

    Diverse Payment Options

    Lightspeed accepts all the usual payment methods such as cash, credit, check, debit, and gift card. However, they also offer a store credit payment method.

    Discounts can be readily applied through their interface, and you can manage customer databases with ease. You can then use your customer database to apply various discounts and loyalty reward systems.

    Robust Reporting System

    Lightspeed retail POS offers intricate reports that are easy to manage. They contain hundreds of preset reports, and many filters with which you can apply your own reports.

    These reports can show you which of your products are performing best, and at what times. You can also use tools that allow you to track the effectiveness of promotional events and discounts.

    These are just a few of the features Lightspeed’s reporting tools offer. It is a generic, robust and useful aspect of their retail POS system.

    Integration With Lightspeed eCommerce

    If you are looking to move your presence online, then Lightspeed eCommerce offers you the ability to run an online store alongside your brick-and-mortar business.

    Their eCommerce platform also offers a diverse range of features that give you many new opportunities to expand your business. These opportunities include but are not limited to marketing features, SEO tools, and integration with Facebook.

    Robust, Intricate & Highly Professional

    The restaurant version of Lightspeed POS offers some important similarities with their retail version, but they fall short in some of the same areas. Their restaurant version also offers in-depth reporting. It also offers excellent employee management and other features on a similarly easy to use platform.

    Employee Management

    Their employee management feature allows you to manage your staff more effectively. You can also edit the permissions of every employee based on their position in your restaurant. For example, managers have access to both the front and back ends, and other employees only have access to the front end. From here, roles and permissions can be broken down even further, depending on the employees’ role.

    The Lightspeed POS system’s employee management service also allows you to set “visibility” settings for employees, which allows you to keep part-time or seasonal staff off of the interface at certain times.

    Ingredient Tracking

    Lightspeed offers an interface for tracking your ingredient stock based on the dishes that use each ingredient. Measurements such as grams and milliliters are used to keep a close eye on your ingredients in order to improve efficiency.

    Lightspeed’s restaurant version can also integrate with MarketMan, a third-party app, which allows you to take advantage of purchase order management.

    Simple & Essential Perks

    Lightspeed offers a feature that allows you to print orders for kitchen staff as they appear on the menu, but with different descriptions that simplify the order for kitchen staff.

    For example, if your kitchen staff speaks a different language, you can simply input the order as it appears on the menu. Then it will be printed in the language of choice for your staff.

    How Does Lightspeed Compare to Other POS Systems In These Industries?

    Lightspeed offers a valuable, well rounded service in both the restaurant industry and the retail industry. However, this comes at a higher cost than its competition.

    Their retail version’s simplest package starts at $99/month, and this package only supports one register. Many features, such as their promotions and loyalty rewards capabilities, are available but don’t offer anything special. Add-ons can make this far more expensive than it needs to be. Their retail package is high quality, but you do need to pay more for it than you would elsewhere, making it less cost effective.

    Their restaurant version starts $69/month, and generally offers much better value than their retail service. It offers a few small but unique and valuable services on top of the usual restaurant POS features that more than justify its price. Lightspeed’s POS system for restaurants comes with a competitive offer.

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