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Square Retail POS Review

by SoftCompared

Square POS is a powerhouse in the Point Of Sale industry. It is known for a diverse and useful set of features that sets it apart from its competition. It is also known for its ease of use and transparent, simple flat pricing system. Unfortunately, it has a few shortcomings as well, especially when it comes to managing larger businesses.

It comes with a few versions, but here we will be focussing on the original ‘Square Point Of Sale’ App. They offer restaurant and retail-specific versions as well, but perplexingly their retail-specific version offers few features. It also comes at a higher cost, including the same flat fees with an added $60/month fee, and their restaurant version charges the same. Their original free version is less specialized than the newer versions, but it still offers an incredibly well-rounded service that rivals many paid subscription POS services.

So, let’s look into the features and benefits that have made Square POS so well known and well received.

Benefits Overview

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Great Set Of Features
  • Transparent & Simple Pricing
  • Comprehensive Payments System
  • Free Tools For Selling Online
  • Easy To Use

    No Monthly Payments

    Square POS doesn’t charge any monthly subscription fees. It instead opts for an alternative, predictable payment system.

    Payment System

    Square’s payments system is at the core of their offer to you as a business owner. Instead of charging monthly rates, Square charges a portion of each transaction through a flat rate. Their flat rates will remain consistent regardless of other factors such as card type, the amount of money being transferred, or your specific industry.

    This is one of the central features of Square, and you must agree to use their payment system as your processor to gain access to their other features, so it is worth looking over.

    The benefits of predictable pricing are numerous. You don’t need to worry about falling short of any demands placed on you by higher monthly subscription fees.

    Best Features

    Square POS comes with by far the longest list of features, with the most diverse range of features, of any major mobile POS system that doesn’t come with a monthly fee. Many of these features are quite significant, and their combined utility is what makes Square’s offer quite amazing. Also keep in mind that while Square is compatible with android and iOS, an iPad offers the greatest range of apps.

    Here are a few of their most useful features.

    Online Selling Tool

    Square POS comes with a free online store that is synced with your brick-and-mortar store. It includes a simple drag-and-drop setup, and charges the same fees (2.9% of each transaction + 30 cents).

    Receipt Options

    Square POS can not only print receipts, but also send email or SMS receipts.


    It is easy to issue full or partial refunds. You can also send itemized refunds.

    Shows Change

    Due change is displayed for cash payments.

    Offline Card Processing

    Square can process debit and credit cards offline. When you get your connection back, the changes are synced to the cloud. This is a feature that many paid POS subscriptions lack!


    Square POS is great for quick-service restaurants, small stores, concession stands and other small businesses. It is also great for mobile businesses. It offers suspended tickets, another feature not always found in paid POS subscriptions.

    The Verdict

    As a free service, Square POS leaves its rivals in the dust. Its diverse range of features and predictable costs make it extremely competitive. While it is less useful for larger businesses, it can still offer the best service that you will ever get for free.

    Square POS is a great option for young businesses looking for a well-rounded POS system that doesn’t put a strain on their business.

    As for their other versions, Square for retail offers more advanced services for more complex businesses, but falls short of its competition in many aspects. While it offers some of the same perks as Square POS, it may be better to look around if you find your business growing under square POS. Their restaurant version offers better and more specialized features for restaurant owners, and is an option worth looking into for full-service restaurants. Keep in mind that both of these options deviate quite a bit from the original POS system’s model.

    Ultimately, Square POS is an excellent option for a small young business.

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